Jesus Nowadays

In the last few weeks I started a project named “Jesus Nowadays” in which I try to express my viewing upon today’s religion. I am creating a story in which Jesus Christ returns in 2014 and continues his activities, however not as a miracle-maker but a regular person doing regular things. In the process of creating this “Jesus” I tried to imagine how he will look. What is he going to eat? What will he do in his spare time?

These are some samples I did so far. Hope you like it.

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LYTRO ILLUM – Is photography entering a new era?

Lytro finally announced a couple of days ago their new camera, a technology that <as they say> it will change the view upon photography. Will that be the case? Or is their technology is too different from the photography art as we know it?

They say the new camera is created for the young eye of creativity. The camera has an 30mm-250mm lens and comes with an f/2 aperture starting from $1599. Let’s watch the presentation video and some outcomes that Lytro comes with.

Video: Lytro Illum Video

Further info:

Official Website Lytro

How deep you understand life?

In life, you end up realising that not the destination was the whole purpose… But the journey, the knowledge you got from it and the most important is happiness you shared with the others. This is one of my documentary projects about life and people. The project was shot on Ilford FP4 and HP5 – 35mm Nikon F100.

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The trip to Wales was great, the photographic subjects that I have seen, including the towns visited and the sea views where stunning. Visiting the seaside and the mountains and combining them into the same scenery was amazing. The photographs I took in Wales were experiments of my development, the beauty of the landscape is amazing into a place where you know there is so much nature. Although the nature is spoiled by man, the green grass over the mountains and the sand that is purifying the sea are combining with the nice and welcoming people from the small villages that cannot wait to talk to you.

It is wonderfully strange how things correlate and how people and nature coexist.



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My First Post

Hi, my name is Marius and I am a photographer working both in Birmingham and Bucharest. This is my blog and I will post here, how often I can, images I did, but also images that I like and people that inspire me. My path is fashion and editorial photography, but I am still experimenting in all the domains because my belief is that nobody can constrain my imagination. Thank you for entering and if you have own opinions please leave a comment.